With Yaguara's Visualization feature, you can provide your team with real-time data visualization that are simple, approachable, and easy to create. Rather than creating and updating your data in separate custom dashboards, Yaguara allows you to visualize key data as it relates to your Objectives and Key Results. 

Where to find Visualizations 

Visualizations can be found under any Objective's overview page in their own tab.

Customize Visualizations to your needs

Each Visualization allows you to add your integrated data sources and a variety filters for applying granular views. You can add up to three data sources for each individual Visualization.

You also have the ability to build custom data ranges on any data set

Working with live Visualizations

Once your Visualizations are created it is easy to customize how you want to position and examine your data. Shift, drag, and drop any of your Visualizations to your liking.

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