What are Groups?

Groups are a way to organize your objectives within your team. They can be used for full departments, smaller teams within departments, or even long term projects.

Creating a Group

  1. Navigate to your Groups page.
  2. Click the Create New Group button.
  3. Enter the name of the Group and an option description.
  4. Add team members to the Group.


  1. See the statuses of your key results for each objective.
  2. Expand and collapse to show/hide the key results.
  3. Hover over a key result to quickly edit, share, and delete.
  4. When an objective has ended, quickly edit, mark complete, or archive.
  5. When an objective is completed, quickly duplicate or archive.

Upcoming To-Dos

This will show the upcoming To-Dos related to this group. 

These are To-Dos that are associated with a group objective or key result and also project management To-Dos from any project that has been imported to a group objective or key result.

  1. Click on the top of the card to go to the expanded view with all To-Dos by objective.
  2. Click Add To-Do to quickly create a new To-Do.

Recent Activity

This will show the most recent activity items related to this group. These items include completed items, notes left on an objective, and status changes on any key results.

  1. Click on the top of the card to go to the expanded view with all activity.
  2. Use the dropdown to see specific types of activity.


Show the number of items your Group has completed over a period of time.

  1. See the change compared to the previous period of time.
  2. Change the period of time.

Team Members

Get an overview of the members and their responsibilities.


All insights related to the group will start to appear below these other cards.

  1. Dismiss the insight

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